4 Old Statuette Vectors Showing 4 Concepts

This download is a set of 4 old statuette engravings from Italy's past. Each statue represents a different concept. There are: Blind Man's Bluff, (or Buff, as it was originally named. The graphic shows a blindfolded boy on a pedestal that bears the inscription -Mosca Cieca-. Time Flies depicts a bearded man with wings, pointing and pushing toward the future. It's unclear what he holds in his right hand. A woman figure braces herself and attempts to hold him back. Mischief (I think), but may simply be a fairy, angel or some sort of butterfly girl definitely open to interpretation. There is a girl with wings posed coyly strolling on top a garden pedestal. Sunshine is the final free vector. In her hand are some leafy plants and she is posed holding up her gown, just covering herself up.